Friday, October 05, 2012

Day Five: Tupperware cupboard

I'm a little bit anal sometimes, I like things to be a certain way, in a certain place. Sometimes I can be weird about it (all labels need to face out), other times not so much (my house is a complete mess).  Fortunately and unfortunately J is the same, so the labels are always out and most things are where they belong. Except he's less diligent. Case in point: the tupperware cupboard. 

He's usually the one who puts the food away after supper and at the same time he packs up his lunch. He's also usually the one who puts the dishes away (I don't do dishes). Over time, the cupboard has become a cluttered, where the heck is that lid, mess. Until today. 

We did do a huge purge 2 years ago, bought 2 sets of Rubbermaid containers that fit beautifully into one another and only kept a handful of food containers. Those food containers were mounting a comeback, until today.

It took me all of 20 minutes to do another purge and re-organize. It looks great now!

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