Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 day challenge

Because my life isn't busy enough, I've decided to join in on the 31 day challenge being hosted by the Nesting Place. So for the month of October I'll be blogging about my attempt at de-cluttering our home. Why you ask? Because every one else is doing it, but more importantly, I need the motivation and accountability. At the end of this I have a feeling I'll have a crapload of stuff for sale!

Please wish me luck.

Day One: Living Room
Day Two: The shelf  
Day Three: Kitchen counter 
Day Four: Sewing Room 
Day Five: Tupperware Cupboard 
Day Six: Lazy Susans 
Day Seven: Kaleb's Dresser 
Day Eight: Are we cured?
Day Nine: Winter Stuff  
Day Ten: Kitchen Table
Day Eleven: Shoes 
Day Twelve: Kitchen Counter, Again  
Days Thirteen and Fourteen 
Day Fifteen: Bedroom
Day Sixteen: Bathroom 
Day Seventeen: The Little Things
Day Eighteen: Little Closet of Horrors
Day Nineteen: Epic Fail
Day Twenty: Little Closet of Horrors, part 2
Day Twenty-one:  Little Closet of Horrors, Final Chapter
Day Twenty-two: Kaleb's Closet 
Day Twenty-three: Hallway 
Day Twenty-four: Sewing
Day Twenty-five: Sweatshirts 
Day Twenty-six: Deep Cleaning the Bathroom
Day Twenty-seven: Just Another Manic Sunday
Day Twenty-eight: Fridge 
Day Twenty-nine: Baby's closet 
Day Thirty: Hook Happy 
Day Thirty-one: Finished 

Weekend recap

K enjoying spaghetti at Pizza Hut
What a crazy busy non-stop weekend we had! Friday we went to the next city over for some shopping and managed to not completely break the bank. We bought Kaleb one of those toys that he can sit on or walk behind, as well as a bunch of fall (i.e. warm) clothes. Can I just say I love Carter's. The clothes actually fit my semi-tiny boy, it's a minor miracle. I'm so excited for him to wear everything we bought!

Saturday, the local Early Years Center was hosting the Breastfeeding Challenge. It was a lot of fun and Kaleb got to play with other babies, which was so cute to watch! We finished up the day by re-organizing the living room and making supper. We ate homemade tortillas with Southwestern chicken and Mango avocado salsa. It was fabulous!

Today started out with a feverish baby, that just got worse through out the day. :(  So I simply worked a bit in the kitchen then played and cuddled with Kaleb while J worked outside. The good news is, our yard is ready for winter. The bad news, our yard is ready for WINTER.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a big day!

Wednesday was a big day for my little man. First, we went to the Early Years Center so he could play with other babies during the playgroup. He made his very first craft while there! Mommy is so proud and it is very obvious he's going to be the next Picasso :)

Already up on the fridge!
Next we picked up his brand spankin' new car seat. I am absolutely positive that he was extremely happy about this. He was starting to outgrow his infant car seat, especially when he has his fleece suit on. Mommy loves it too, it's a lot easier to buckle him in!

After a nice nap, it was time to head to the pool for his first swimming lesson! Again, I was so proud of him, he's going to the next Michael Phelps! (Yes, my kid is a GENIUS.) Seriously though,  he did very well, there was a lot of kicking, some nice floating on his back and happy smiles when he was "jumping" in from the side. Next week hopefully we'll get some pictures.

He slept extremely well last night too, which is surprising considering he cut his 6th tooth. Yes, his SIXth tooth. My boy is growing way too fast!

Onto today, where we had another awesome day. I was up nice and early but Mr. Kaleb had to be woken up at 9:00. One of the many reasons why I love this kid! We went for a walk in the beautiful crisp autumn air, hit up Walmart and spent the afternoon playing. Overall today was not as exciting as yesterday, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

Sleeping baby
Uh oh, let the fun begin!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer Recap

Fire watching with Grandma
Note to self, starting a blog at the beginning of summer is not the greatest idea. Turns out, we had a crazy, hectic, and extremely short summer. So here is a recap of the those awesome months.

The water was freezing!
At the end of June, J got this awesome idea: let's go camping for a month in the same campground as my mom. Yes, a full month of living in a trailer. My answer: Heck yes! Off we went with a trailer jammed packed with stuff. Turns out you need a lot of stuff when you'll be away from home for that long, especially with a baby.

Splish! Splash!
Jump! Jump!
During our camping, K mastered the art of jumping in the exersaucer, rolling and *insert drum roll* sitting! I am one proud momma! He even started eating "solid" food. Our days were filled with sleeping in, going for countless walks, sitting on the deck and around the campfire, all while eating, eating, eating! Unfortunately, the lake was too cold to go swimming, but we sure enjoyed those views. To make up for it, we bought one of those inflatable kiddie pools and K LOVED it! Watching him splash around in that thing was so precious!

Happy 6 months little man!
What a handsome boy!
After our month was up, we moved on to the campground where J's parents are. We spent a quick week there before heading out to another campground, this time a provincial park. Every year we spend a weekend with our friends camping in Temagami, it is something we look forward to every year. This year was no different, we had perfect weather, lots of food and were able to spend our days at the beach and our nights playing cards. (Fire bans suck, btw.)

With his godmother
 We were gone a total of 5 weeks and it was definitely, without a doubt, one of the best summers I have ever had. Bonus: it ended with another friend's wedding! She married the love of her life on a gorgeous September day, it was such a beautiful fall wedding. I know they will be one of those couples who are married for 50 years, they are just that perfect for each other. 

Here's to a great fall!