Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend recap

K enjoying spaghetti at Pizza Hut
What a crazy busy non-stop weekend we had! Friday we went to the next city over for some shopping and managed to not completely break the bank. We bought Kaleb one of those toys that he can sit on or walk behind, as well as a bunch of fall (i.e. warm) clothes. Can I just say I love Carter's. The clothes actually fit my semi-tiny boy, it's a minor miracle. I'm so excited for him to wear everything we bought!

Saturday, the local Early Years Center was hosting the Breastfeeding Challenge. It was a lot of fun and Kaleb got to play with other babies, which was so cute to watch! We finished up the day by re-organizing the living room and making supper. We ate homemade tortillas with Southwestern chicken and Mango avocado salsa. It was fabulous!

Today started out with a feverish baby, that just got worse through out the day. :(  So I simply worked a bit in the kitchen then played and cuddled with Kaleb while J worked outside. The good news is, our yard is ready for winter. The bad news, our yard is ready for WINTER.


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