Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a big day!

Wednesday was a big day for my little man. First, we went to the Early Years Center so he could play with other babies during the playgroup. He made his very first craft while there! Mommy is so proud and it is very obvious he's going to be the next Picasso :)

Already up on the fridge!
Next we picked up his brand spankin' new car seat. I am absolutely positive that he was extremely happy about this. He was starting to outgrow his infant car seat, especially when he has his fleece suit on. Mommy loves it too, it's a lot easier to buckle him in!

After a nice nap, it was time to head to the pool for his first swimming lesson! Again, I was so proud of him, he's going to the next Michael Phelps! (Yes, my kid is a GENIUS.) Seriously though,  he did very well, there was a lot of kicking, some nice floating on his back and happy smiles when he was "jumping" in from the side. Next week hopefully we'll get some pictures.

He slept extremely well last night too, which is surprising considering he cut his 6th tooth. Yes, his SIXth tooth. My boy is growing way too fast!

Onto today, where we had another awesome day. I was up nice and early but Mr. Kaleb had to be woken up at 9:00. One of the many reasons why I love this kid! We went for a walk in the beautiful crisp autumn air, hit up Walmart and spent the afternoon playing. Overall today was not as exciting as yesterday, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

Sleeping baby
Uh oh, let the fun begin!

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