Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 day challenge

Because my life isn't busy enough, I've decided to join in on the 31 day challenge being hosted by the Nesting Place. So for the month of October I'll be blogging about my attempt at de-cluttering our home. Why you ask? Because every one else is doing it, but more importantly, I need the motivation and accountability. At the end of this I have a feeling I'll have a crapload of stuff for sale!

Please wish me luck.

Day One: Living Room
Day Two: The shelf  
Day Three: Kitchen counter 
Day Four: Sewing Room 
Day Five: Tupperware Cupboard 
Day Six: Lazy Susans 
Day Seven: Kaleb's Dresser 
Day Eight: Are we cured?
Day Nine: Winter Stuff  
Day Ten: Kitchen Table
Day Eleven: Shoes 
Day Twelve: Kitchen Counter, Again  
Days Thirteen and Fourteen 
Day Fifteen: Bedroom
Day Sixteen: Bathroom 
Day Seventeen: The Little Things
Day Eighteen: Little Closet of Horrors
Day Nineteen: Epic Fail
Day Twenty: Little Closet of Horrors, part 2
Day Twenty-one:  Little Closet of Horrors, Final Chapter
Day Twenty-two: Kaleb's Closet 
Day Twenty-three: Hallway 
Day Twenty-four: Sewing
Day Twenty-five: Sweatshirts 
Day Twenty-six: Deep Cleaning the Bathroom
Day Twenty-seven: Just Another Manic Sunday
Day Twenty-eight: Fridge 
Day Twenty-nine: Baby's closet 
Day Thirty: Hook Happy 
Day Thirty-one: Finished 


  1. Hopping over from The Nester. Always a great topic! Can't wait to follow along!

  2. Love your title. Mine is "31 Days to a Less Stressed Nest". Clutter obviously makes us stressed! Can't wait to follow along...I also became a follower! Congratulations on starting your blog and your series!

  3. Love it! I'm doing 31 days to make a house a home, and am doing very similar things to you! Your little closet full of horrors pretty much describe all my closets... ;)

    1. I've been following along on yours too Meccles! And that was just one closet ;)