Monday, October 08, 2012

Day Seven: Kaleb's Dresser

I've come to realize that de-cluttering the house also means organization. Case in point: Kaleb's dresser. It wasn't necessarily cluttered nor disorganized, however, the way we had things it just wasn't working. 

When he was a newborn, everything worked great. We had his plain white onesies, socks and pants in the top drawer with pajamas in the bottom two. On the side there are three shelves behind a door, top was diapers, second was creams and soaps, third, random baby things. Once we began cloth diapering, the top two became diapers with everything else in the bottom. 

Now that is some organization!
At some point, it just stopped being easy. We had too many diapers and pants, and not enough onesies, socks and pajamas.  After much pondering, I decided to move his diapers in the top drawer, pants in the second, and pajamas in third. On the shelves we've got the random baby stuff, onesies followed by extra diaper inserts on the bottom. 

This system works so much better and I love how easy it is to organize!

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