Friday, October 12, 2012

Day Twelve: Kitchen Counter, Again

Yes, the kitchen counter has made a reappearance just over a week later. It wasn't a big job obviously since it was just done and it was actually J that did most of the decluttering.

See, we are a family who uses the kitchen. A lot. We have a homemade supper almost every night. This sometimes creates dishes that can not go in the dishwasher. Here lies the problem. I don't do dishes. I cook, I clean, I vacuum, I do laundry, but I don't do dishes. Now before you get your panties in a bunch for my poor hubby, you should know that he knew this about me before we lived together, before we were engaged, before we got married, before we had a kid. J does the dishes and loves me regardless.

Since we are making an effort to make our suppers from scratch and use less processed food, we are creating more dishes that normal. J doesn't always have time to do dishes every night (and it all doesn't fit in the dishwasher) so they accumulate.

Until today. J did the dishes and I helped. I even made Kaleb some music makers with old water bottles and rice. Oh, and our kitchen is clean and clutter free again. :)

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