Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day Twenty-one: Little Closet of Horrors, Final chapter

We did it. We finally finished cleaning the hallway closet. And man does it look great. As mentioned in part one and two, we've been working hard on getting that thing cleaned and organized.

Today we worked on the worst shelf. The one that contains excess hair, face, beauty products, soaps, shampoos and tooth brushes. If it has something to do with the bathroom, it's in there.

Again we did a huge purge, threw out a bunch of stuff and organized what was left. 

As an added bonus, we also organized under the bathroom sink. There wasn't much to do there, it was more of a tidying up and baby proofing.

There are only a couple more projects left for the upstairs and our house will be completely organized and clutter-free. This makes me extremely happy.

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