Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

Checking out this year's first snow
before we leave.
Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, which makes me sad. Don't get me wrong we had a wonderful weekend but it was just too quick.

We headed back home bright and early Saturday morning, after going to market and picking up my brother. Turns out traveling in the morning with Kaleb is possibly the best idea we've ever had. In general, mornings for Kaleb are uneventful. He wakes up, has breakfast, plays, sleeps then plays some more before lunch.  Granted we had to wake him up a little earlier then he's used to but he made up for it with sleeping most of the way down. He even got some play time with his uncle on our three hour trip.

Showing off his new toque!

We spent Saturday afternoon visiting with my mom. We got the turkey going in the oven, did a little winter clothes shopping for Kaleb, and she got some quality time in with her favourite grandson. After supper and his bath, we headed to J's parents for the rest of the weekend.

At my in-laws', it was their turn to spend time with Kaleb. We also got a turkey supper going as J's grandmother, aunt and uncle would be joining us. K had a blast playing with his grandparents and with his great-aunt and great-grandmother. After an exhausting day, he slept great that night! 
Playing with Pépère.

Monday morning we were up nice and early, packed up, and headed off to my aunts house for a quick visit. We haven't seen her since the summer and it was nice to visit with her and my cousin. The home baked pie and cookies she served us was pretty awesome too!  

Next up we were off to a friends house for another quick visit and cuddle time with their 5 week old daughter. Almost makes me want another one! Almost. Afterwards we were off to see my mom for a few hours before we headed home. Kaleb was so tired, he slept most of the way home! 

I don't know if it is something I'm realizing with age, because of Kaleb, or a combination of both, but this Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for our families and the amazing friends that surround us. 

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