Saturday, December 01, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: O Christmas Tree!

We started of this challenge by doing something very Christmas-y, decorate a tree!

Last weekend we noticed our neighbours were decorating a tree they had got during the day, and I mentioned to Jason how when Kaleb is older we'll have to do the same thing. You know, go for a ride in the bush, find the perfect tree and cut it down. Just as you are leaving, spot an even better tree and cut that one down too. Come back and decorate them, have hot chocolate, chase the dog, play in the snow. Just like in the movies. 

Well two days later, we have a knock at the door, it is our neighbour telling us that he forgot about the tree he had put aside at work (he works in the bush) and said we could have it if we wanted. Yes, our neighbour is that awesome.

Flash forward to tonight: we finally got some lights and after Kaleb was peacefully sleeping, out we went (with baby monitor in tow, don't worry!). Once we determined the lights were indeed working, (and switching the solar timer switch off due to their brightness) we found the perfect spot in our yard and began decorating.

We even chased the dog, played in the snow and had hot chocolate. Just like in the movies, but in real life. We had so much fun, we're hoping to do this every year.

I've got to say, it looks quite awesome!  What do you think?

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