Sunday, March 03, 2013

Is this week over yet?

Last week was interesting, to say the least. 

On the weekend we went to visit family back home, we had a great time, although very short. Just as we were heading to our last stop, our dog Bella decided to eat some rat poison, making things interesting. 

We continued on our journey, knowing there were at least 2 vet clinics and called our vet back home for guidance. She made a few phone calls for us only to find out that we had to turn around and go back 45 minutes to the only clinic offering emergency services. 

The vet was very nice and made Bella puke, fed her special food and gave her a huge shot of Vitamin K. We were given enough vitamin K to last us ten days with instructions to visit our vet for a check up then. So far she seems to be fine, which is a relief. 

When we finally got on the road again, we found out the highway was closed. Thankfully there was detour, however it took us 2 hours to get 30 mins down the highway. Needless to say, we got home very late that night. 

Monday and Tuesday was uneventful thankfully, as the best was yet to come. 

When I picked Kaleb up from daycare Wednesday, I was told he had just been sick, but it was probably from the water he choked on, no big deal, it's happened before. On the way home he was sick again in the truck, but seemed to be in good spirits during and after supper, that we figured he'd be fine for swimming lessons. Boy were we wrong. He was sick again in the car. (Side note: cleaning car seats is possibly the worst job ever!).  

Poor thing was hungry and asking for food, so we gave him a couple soda crackers hoping he'd be able to keep it down, but a few minutes later, it all came up again. :(  He managed to get through the rest of the night, but Jason stayed home with him. Thursday seemed to be better for him, but he was obviously under the weather. Then Jason got sick, so Friday was another day home with daddy. Just as we thought that Kaleb was feeling better, the diarrhea started. Two days later, he's finally getting over it.  

Hopefully this week will be better! 

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