Monday, May 13, 2013

Cleaning and Mother's Day Snow

That is the best way to describe our weekend. 

Saturday was pretty great. Kaleb decided that 7 was a good time to wake up, which in the grand scheme isn't too shabby. After our showers, I cleaned. I did the bathroom, all the mirrors, then I decided to get a head start on next weekend's deep clean by doing all the windows on the inside. My dear husband tried to do some plumbing so we can have water flowing to our outside tap, however he was missing pieces that Kaleb hid! After a trip to all 3 stores in town, he came back home and tore apart the basement to find them in the bottom of a random box. Needless to say, by the time that was done, he ran out of time (and patience).
He loves the slide!

My mom took us out for lunch and upon our return, Jason decided to work a bit outside while we supervised :) After a trip to the compost site, supper was started.  Kaleb also got spoiled (as usual) when our neighbours came over to ask us if we wanted their swing set! 

Sunday however, was sad. It snowed. On Mother's Day. It's incredibly depressing to wake up on a Sunday in MAY to complete whiteness. Not just a little snow on the ground. Nope, white stuff everywhere. Oh well, I suppose it's to be expected when Mother Nature is 3 weeks behind. 

We didn't let it beat us though. First off, my hubby is awesome. When Kaleb woke up, he told me to stay in bed, to which I asked that he wake me up in 45 minutes. When they came to wake me up, he gave me a post-it note telling me to take it easy and spend time with my boy for the day, he would take care of everything. Then during breakfast he gave me my gifts: a beautiful flower pot with their hand prints painted on and a key chain! 

After church (during which Kaleb behaved amazingly), he took me out for a yummy brunch, then we headed home for family nap time! Jason watched TV though, but I had an awesome nap and so did Kaleb.  He then prepared and cooked a great supper for us. 

To sum up the day: I have the best husband ever and the most adorable child! :)

Hope you had an great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mommies!

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