Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Long

Around these parts, this weekend has several names: Victoria Day, May 2-4, May Run or what we usually refer to it: May Long. It's the first long weekend and the official start of the summer. Every year we spend the weekend fishing (fishing also opens) or camping (most parks also open), this year however we stayed home. 

Why? Several reasons actually. The biggest though: we are leaving for Toronto on Monday morning. So instead of camping, we spent the weekend doing spring cleaning projects. We are now exhausted, but are so glad with how much we got done. 

Saturday was beautiful here, so we started the day with fixing the outside water tap (which required a nice walk to the store), followed by making dessert for supper and washed the outside of the trailer. We also spent the last hour of the afternoon sitting outside and enjoying the nice weather, before heading to our friends house for supper (hence the dessert making) and it was fabulous.

Today was so crappy weather wise (reason #2 for not going camping), so we worked in the house. We cleaned out the fridge, the fridge freezer and our chest freezer. Then we worked in the disaster zone known as our basement. We really should have taken before and after pictures, but alas we didn't. It is starting to look really good though.  We also went for a ride checking out the stuff put out for cleaning week, unfortunately (or fortunately?) we didn't pick up anything.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Toronto for Kaleb's check up and a bit of shopping. We'll be back late Wednesday night, so there won't be any menu this week. 

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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