Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kitchen? check!

This weekend's nesting target was the kitchen.  The very much over due kitchen. 

We (mostly Jason) ended up cleaning almost all the cupboards. And I am so grateful, because now our kitchen is truly clean and organized. 

He started by tackling the lazy susan containing my baking ingredients. Turns out there was mould in a the back corners! Gross. So he ended up actually taking everything out, including the lazy susan itself. He then washed and repainted the cupboards. We decided to move the pots and pans into that corner, and take the food out, in case the mould reappears. 

Which means we then tackled the former pot and pan cupboard, cleaning it then putting my baking supplies away in an organized fashion (because that is how I roll). I was also able to continue my mason jar obsession. I seriously love mason jars. They are great to store stuff, especially things that you want to keep fresh like spices, herbs, nuts and the all important chocolate chips. 

After that, he worked on the drawers with Kaleb. I'm sad that I missed that. They did an excellent job and now instead of being a complete upside down mess, we can easily find what we're looking for. 

They also did the lazy susan with our canned goods, pasts, soups and stuff. Ever since we made a conscious effort to "clean" eating, that cupboard is quite bare. Same goes for our chips, crackers and snacks cupboard. That one Jason and I did during nap time today. Jason also cleaned the cupboard that contains all the electric gadgets and the oven drawer. 

So basically, our kitchen is spotless and organized, just the way this nesting mama likes it. Next stop: closets.  

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