Monday, July 22, 2013

Nesting? Yes please!

The nesting instinct has hit full force and it's glorious. Why? Because with Kaleb I didn't get "it" until far along in my pregnancy and by then I was too exhausted and sick to do anything. This time around, however, watch out junk!!

So we spent the weekend organizing the kids' room. My original plan in life was to repaint the room a steel grey colour and have an airplane theme going on, but then I got pregnant and with a 50/50 chance of having a girl we've decided to keep it gender neutral. So half of the room has airplanes going on, and the other half will be baby. 

We started by pulling out one of the dressers, to make room for Kaleb's big boy bed (which he absolutely loves!!) and placing everything in a way that works. Small space design is not my thing, and it took a while to get everything the way I wanted. 
We then had make room in the closet for all the stuff that was in the dresser, as well as all of Kaleb's clothes that are in the change table dresser. In that one we'll have all of their diapers as well as the baby's sleepers. 

Jason installed a little hook thing for Kaleb's sweatshirts, which he also loves. When we want him to wear one, we just ask that he go get a sweater and he picks one out and tries to put it on! It's sooo adorable!

We also put up frames that we got for Christmas and his birthday and hung model airplanes from the ceiling. Turns out aligning four crooked metal frames is not easy, and so they are not perfect but will do. I really like the way the model planes turned out though. Jason has two more at work that we'll hang as well. 
 Finally, I put up the wooden letters on the door that I had painted last fall. I used that blue sticky stuff and it worked like a charm! I decided on that instead of something more permanent since our grand plan is to renovate and move into the basement this winter. 

In between all that we also decluttered and scrubbed the kitchen and dining room. So half our house looks simply amazing and I can't wait to finish everything else on my massive list. 

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