Saturday, September 07, 2013


Playing in the rain.
So apparently I didn't write a post in August. Oops. So here's a bit of a recap....

My last day of being physically at work was the 1st and I started vacation! We spent the week camping with Jason's parents at a private campground. It was fun, but the week was definitely too short. It doesn't help that we only had a few nice days of decent weather and even then, describing it as "decent" is a bit of a stretch.

The Friday we packed up and headed to Esker Lakes Provincial Park for the weekend. We met up with 3 other couples and their kids and had a blast. We happened to be there at the perfect time, the blueberries were in season! And this park is full of blueberries. Like, walk out of our trailer and pick blueberries full. It was awesome.

After that we spent the next two weeks catching up on all sorts of stuff at home. We also went to the campground where my mom is for a weekend. One of my friends got married in the city near us, so we took full advantage and went for our a kid free weekend. It was actually one of the first times that we leave Kaleb for that long. It was nice but we definitely missed him.

Sadly Jason had to go back to work the last week of August and it's been a bit of an adjustment for all of us. Poor Kaleb wakes up every morning asking for Papa. His excitement when papa arrives at 5 is just adorable though!
Summer time fun.

Oh and I'm still pregnant. Very pregnant. But we're in the home stretch now. Baby should be here within 3 weeks! Eek!

Hope you had a great summer and here's to an amazing fall!

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