Monday, May 21, 2012

What did I get myself into?

I'm just going to say it, I am new to this. Very very new to this, so bear with me :) 

I decided to start a blog to write about, like the title suggests, our little northern life. I live in a small Northern Ontario town, with my husband, infant son and 2 dogs, and apparently some of the things we do as normal, everyday life is trendy in other parts of North America. Who knew? So I decided to write about it, hence the reason for venturing into scary blog territory. However, there is another reason: our family. They live 300 kilometers or more away and this will be a great way to follow and keep up with our adventures.

So where to start?

Our Life: I'm married to my wonderful, loving and oh so handsome husband, J. We've been together for 5 years now, but married for almost one. We have one son, K, who is now 4.5 months old. He is our everything and the day he was born, I swear my heart grew three sizes, just like the Grinch! :) We also have two dogs: Boomer and Bella, they help keep things interesting around here!

We are a cloth diapering, baby wearing, breast feeding, gardening, composting, recycling, clothes line using family. And we don't do it because it is cool, trendy or the thing to do. It is our life, the way we grew up, and not extraordinary. Although I do admit, my mommy group introduced me to the wonderful world of cloth diapering and I'm loving every minute of it!

Well I hope I didn't completely fail at my first blog post and am looking forward to many more in the future!

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