Thursday, November 01, 2012

Day Twenty-nine: Baby's Closet

Today I worked in possibly the most overdue closet - the mini closet in Kaleb's room. We use it as our linen closet and to store extra baby things. It's a weird sized closet, it's very deep and placed high on the wall, but it uses dead space above our stairs so I like it. I just wish I could reach the shelves!
The after picture

Anyway, we use the bottom shelf to store all sorts of random baby stuff. Extra blankets, frames, wipes, his carrier, things that weren't useful yet and things that were no longer useful. There was actually stuff in there that I may have forgot about. This shelf was full to the edge, there was even his baby tub in there (that we never actually used). 

So after a huge purge, I put back stuff we are actually going to use in the next couple months and of course, organized. 

I'll have to post an after picture tomorrow.

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