Sunday, January 06, 2013

We Now Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hi. My name is Sara. I am a blogging failure.

I have good reasons, although I am sure they'll just come across as excuses.

I'll tell you anyway.

First: I got sick, at the beginning of December, for THREE  WEEKS. Not cool world, not cool. I had all these amazing plans and projects in my head for the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge. That did not happen. I barely got our Christmas gifts to family made before we left to go home for a week.

Which is reason numero deux: We went home for a week. I even brought my laptop in hopes of getting a few posts up. That did not happen. Our week was a hectic, non-stop on the go crazytown. It was an awesome week, and I'll write all about it tomorrow. I promise.

Third (the biggest one): I WENT BACK TO WORK.  (If you are looking for me, I'm over there crying in a corner). I started on Wednesday and have been working non-stop since. I've already missed two bedtimes, and will be missing at least one more this week. And I'm sooooo exhausted. I was tired before I had a kid, now, it's like a million times worse. But I will survive and thrive! Just bear with me while I get my life re-organized.

So there are my reasons. Do you forgive me? Please do. I promise I'll be better.

Oh and by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 

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