Saturday, January 19, 2013

What a week!

This week was quite eventful!

It started with Kaleb getting his one year shots on Monday. My poor baby, he cried crocodile tears. I was off that day so we ended up spending the day at home. I wish I could say we cuddled all day and I made him feel better, but alas, I have a tough little boy who was good to go by the time we got home. 

Tuesday was a day at work for me, meaning Kaleb was with his babysitter. It's so heartbreaking when he doesn't want to leave my arms, then full out crying when I manage to pass him over. Hopefully he'll get over it soon, but for some reason I doubt it. Jason stayed home trying to get over a cold, so was able to get him early, which they both loved. 

Wednesday we were up super early to go to Toronto. We always take the plane down, since it would take us somewhere between 10-12 hours to drive. We did some shopping, met up with a friend for supper, then did some more shopping. 

Thursday we were at Sick Kids doing some now routine tests and following-up with one of his specialists. This trip wasn't much different from the others, except we'll be back to see that specialists in 3 months and that is when we'll decide if we'll operate or not. The rest of the day was spent waiting for Kaleb to pee for one of his tests (it took him 3 hours!) and a bit more shopping before heading to the airport. We got home a little after 10:00 and were exhausted!

Friday, Jason went to work and I stayed home with Kaleb. I managed to get the cold that Kaleb got form Jason. So we spent the day sleeping and cuddling. It really sucks when you're kid is sick, but I don't mind the cuddles so much. 

Today was uneventful thankfully. We did groceries, made a quick trip to Wal-Mart and that was it! I'm glad it was so quiet, I really would like to get over this cold. 

Hope you had an awesome week!

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  1. This made me exhausted just reading it! Glad you got some rest!