Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day Twenty-six: Deep Cleaning the Bathroom

So here's the deal, I haven't had time to do any de-cluttering projects since last week since I've been deep in sewing Kaleb's Halloween costume and have been living life and enjoying time spent with my husband and baby (who's quickly turning into a toddler!)

However as I've mentioned before, I truly believe that a Clutter-free house is also a clean and organized house. This post will be centered more around that then de-cluttering (in case you haven't guessed yet.)

Last weekend we ended up really cleaning the bathroom. Don't get me wrong, we vacuum and wipe down surfaces in there once a week, but dust and hair always manages to get left behind. Between the dogs and well, my shedding, and the humidity and hairspray, it leave us with hair stuck to EVERYTHING.

So after an initial vacuum and using my new fancy cleaning wand, J pulled out a bristled dish cleaning wand and bucket and went to town cleaning along the baseboards, sink, toilet and every other possible crevice. It was a relatively quick job, but oh my did it make a huge difference.

We're hoping to all the baseboards in the house, but first we've got other projects to complete.

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